"Bring your WordPress content to life
with one streamlined plugin!"

Add Fancy Inline Notes, Accordions, Tabs, and More to your pages

Call out the content you want readers to notice or hold it in expandable boxes. Organize large amounts of content into easily readable portions. Bring dynamic visual interest to your page.

Introducing Smart Sliding Notes:

Neat, simple inline notes and toggles display otherwise long content in a shorter, easy-to-read format ideal for content galleries like quotes, testimonials, and complex case studies. But creating them in WordPress isn’t neat or simple. It’s a time-drain for the tech-savvy, and expensive or impossible for everyone else. If the theme you’re working with doesn’t include a set of shortcodes for tabs, you either a) pay for a custom code specific to your website only, or b) use a bulky plugin with zero features.

But what if adding toggled content in WordPress — even flexible tab, accordion, and custom-arrangement styles — were as simple as adding a graphic, but more exciting?

What if you didn’t have to worry about creating an eye sore against your background or color scheme because the toggles matched perfectly?

What if one download gave you license to use it anywhere on your own or your clients’ WordPress themes, branding-free?

And what if it was the best plugin for toggled content available on line according to users like you?


Great product, great instructions and if necessary, i found the support great (and patient with me) too!

-- Andy, United States

Sliding Notes is absolutely the best solution for WP accordions, tabs, and notes out there, and I plan on using it on many sites.

-- William, United States

I went to look for other sliders... only to find out that there aren't any that work nearly as well. You really have a unique product there.

-- Mike, United States

Think of what your site's viewer thinks when they see this: that you care about their time, keep up with cool-looking and useful technology.. that alone helps you sell.

-- Andrew, United States

Love your plugin - one of a kind !

-- Erik, United States

I'd like to thank to you for your fine work. Not just saying that, it's all very logical, which is difficult to find.

-- Mark, United States

I've finally come to implement your brilliant plugin to a greater extent.

-- Kjetil, Norway

Thanks for the great plugin. Really impressed and it works well.

-- Paul, United Kingdom

I bought the PRO edition because you have such a great website and such a great support and attitude.

-- Oded, Israel


Smart Sliding Notes features include:

One Plugin To Rule Them All

Choose from a variety of elements to display and format your content: inline notes, toggles, accordions, tabs, and more. You can even create freestyle tabs with buttons placed anywhere on the page.

Fresh, Sexy Designs

Beautifully designed premium skins, crafted to stand out and blend in with most themes. Fluid designs ready for mobile use based on pure CSS3 technology. Fully skinnable for custom looks of your own.

Easy Visual Editing

No need to remember shortcodes! Handy shortcode templates for all supported elements are available right from your post editor’s toolbar.

Full URL Support

Go social with your content details. Share links to individual notes, tabs, and accordion pages. Draw your readers to specific content on any page.

More reasons why you'll love Sliding Notes...

8 More Reasons
To Love Smart Sliding Notes

  • Works out of the box — nothing to set up or configure
  • Supports embedding for all types of post content (images, YouTube and Vimeo videos, etc.)
  • Unlimited nesting and mixing — Nest and mix tabs in tabs in accordions in inline notes at will (try that with other similar plugins!)
  • Independent from frameworks like jQuery UI – so your website won’t look like a million others
  • Improved user experience and SEO — now you can organize content to please people and search engines
  • Theme-independent — use it within your own, branded webpages
  • No shortcode “autop” issues — use it safely in the visual post editor
  • Gracefully degrades on JavaScript-free media, so Sliding Notes are visible in printouts, too

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