About Us

WordPress Expert Solutions is a multidisciplinary software company focused on cutting edge web 2.0/3.0 technologies. We combine strong software engineering skills with creativity, aesthetics, and real-world usability experience to create solutions that are not only sexy-looking on the outside, but also rock-solid on the inside. But most of all, we create solutions that are easy and fun to work with.

Our primary technology stack is WordPress on the back-end, and jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 on the front end, with a lot of AJAX in between.

  • WordPress
  • jQuery
  • HTML5 Technologies

We prefer are entirely zeroed in on modular website architectures, emphasizing component reuse both within and across websites and applications.

Our preferred qualities of visual design are elegant simplicity and performance. We (mostly) refrain from designing whole websites, but we love to design the visual details of our components. (We like to call this "micro-design").

Because the level of reuse we aim for demands extraordinary high quality of the reused components (since a bug in a reused component would potentially affect many sites), we have developed both high standards and high efficiency in troubleshooting issues.

We thrive to strike a balance of SEO and usability. Our web solutions are optimized for search engines and humans alike.