Announcing: 1.0b9 Release with Hot New Features and New Pricing

We’ve been working hard to improve and streamline the Smart Sliding Notes experience, both on the front end and on the back end, and we are about to release the results in the coming week (i.e. in the first days of February).  Here’s a short preview of what to expect from the new release.

Improved Back End Experience

“Skin Shots” Without Clutter (PRO Edition Only)

In order to facilitate the process of  skin selection, skin screenshots are included in the back end. However, instead of going the “usual” way and clutter the screen with images, we’ve combined the option’s radio buttons with the corresponding skin-shots and laid them out kind of as an accordion:

A click on the eye icon opens the “skin shot”:

Quick Sliding Notes Reference At Your Fingertips

We’ve gathered up all the facts to get you going with Smart Sliding Notes and made them available in compressed form right in your dashboard, on the Smart Sliding Notes option page. And we did it the “WordPress way”, by adding it to the Help drop-down.

Though compact, the quick reference is fairly comprehensive, containing all kinds of information from syntax to parameters to copy-paste-ready examples:

Improved Front End Experience

Widget-Ready Sliding Notes Out Of The Box

The new release properly enables usage of Smart Sliding Notes in text widgets. This allows for simple emulation of popular accordion or tabbed widgets, while retaining the freedom to put virtually any content in them.

In order to obtain this feature, shortcodes in widgets still need to be generally enabled – and the PRO edition includes an option to do it.

Entry edition users will have to make sure the code below is invoked, either as part of the theme (ex. in functions.php) or as part of another plugin:

add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode', 11);

PRO edition users will simply tick this option:

Better Visual Performance

We’ve patched up the code to optimize it for better visual performance in order to reduce flicker – something that could have occurred with slower websites on some browsers. This means improved initial user experience during page load.

Pricing Changes

As Smart Sliding Notes gains in maturity, we will be increasing the price. The first price increase will take place with the upcoming plugin update. There will be at least one more price increase when the code leaves beta stage (i.e. with version ‘1.0 final’).

The price increases will, naturally, not affect existing PRO licenses.

Entry edition users, and PRO users who plan on using the plugin on more sites and will therefore need more licenses, might want to consider making their purchase now, before the price goes up, and get the new features and improvements at no extra charge.

Remember: The price will increase immediately before the next version is released, which will be in the first days of February. (Not later than Feb. 3, probably sooner.)

Your Smart Sliding Notes Crew


For your convenience, here are ll the screen shots for the next release:


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  • on January 30, 2012

    These sound great. I’ve purchased two Pro licenses so far, but … I’d really like to see is an unlimited Pro license offered so I don’t need to purchase another license every time I do a new site. Please consider offering this in the future … Sliding Notes is absolutely the best solution for WP accordions, tabs, and notes out there, and I plan on using it on many sites.

    • Site Admin on January 31, 2012

      Noted. And many thanks for the compliments. :)

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