For A Limited Time, Get The Most Powerful New Sliding Notes Ever At Old Pricing

We’re proud to announce this major Feature Release: Smart Sliding Notes 1.0b10, code name “Aurora”. We consider it the biggest step forward since the initial release. It has nearly a dozen new features and adjustments to make using it easier and viewing it sweeter. So much has changed, in fact, that this version marks a true beginning: Smart Sliding Notes Aurora is the last planned Feature Release of Smart Sliding Notes before version 1.0 Final.

Front end power:

Want notes within notes? Go nuts!

Nest entire inline notes, accordions, tabs, toggles, and more within each other. Get virtually infinite combinations by adding just one level to each new element. How?

Highlight details with callouts.

Smart Sliding Notes now includes matching, nesting, easy callouts, a staple of any blog for highlighting details, summaries, profiles, and takeaways. You get several different styles of callouts, each with nesting ability, adding up to an incredible potential for creative variety. How?

View your notes where you put them–even without JavaScript.

Sliding Notes now follows an improved content layout strategy: Even with JavaScript turned off (ex. in RSS), all content is readily accessible and it appears where you’d expect it. How?

Bold and italicized titles.

When titles or words within them need highlighting, you need the option to format them–and now you have it, with no more than the usual select-and-click or keyboard command in your WordPress editor. How?

Back-end ease:

Create an unlimited number of tabs at once.

The dropdown visual editing aids in the last version automatically provided a set of three tabs or accordions from the editor drop-down menu. Any more than that required copying and pasting shortcodes and editing their titles. We know how tedious that can be. Now, just type the titles of each, separate them with a double colon, and use the dropdown to select your layout of choice.

smart aids

No matter how many you want, you’ve got all the shortcodes you need at once. Then just insert your content and you’re done. No distracting dialogue pop-ups or copying shortcodes.

Faster help while you work

The WordPress Help dropdown is also home to a convenient Smart Sliding Notes “cheat sheet”; now it’s available in the post editor admin page so you can get hints for creating a particular layout, copy and paste code directly into the editor, and more–without leaving the post editor. 

Leave feedback while working in WordPress? Yes!

In perhaps the most exciting of all the back-end updates, you can now access our specially dedicated Facebook feedback channel right in your WordPress post editor. Leave feedback, read suggestions from others, and get responses from the SSN crew without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

And that’s not all…

  • compatibility with Yoast’s “Google Analytics for WordPress”
  • improved consistency of note IDs and URLs provides
    easier note-URL sharing elsewhere on your site (e.g. index and post pages)
  • better caching for multiple tab and note IDs for speedier load time

Here’s why you should get it now.

The new release will sell for $29.95. When we release Version 1.0 Final, the price will increase again.

Right now we’re offering every new feature for the current price of $22–giving you this powerful upgrade free–but only for 48 hours.

The price increase will not affect existing licenses. They will be upgraded as usual at no extra charge!

So get your brand new license for the brand new Smart Sliding Notes now, at the old price. Just purchase the current release before time runs out, and get the upgrade free.



Stay tuned: we’ll make it worth your while.

You’ll be first to learn of the launch of the Smart Sliding Notes affiliate program–with a huge 50% commission. That’s right: The sale of just two licenses will essentially render this amazing upgrade free to you forever… and then you’ll start making a profit!

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In Smart Sliding Note options, set the nesting level. Add one ‘+’ per nesting level to each shortcode tag.

Note that nesting levels are per shortcode tag. With just one nesting level, you can create a complex layout like the one below. And you can increase the limit at any time…

Just use the shortcode [sncallout type=”<any appearance type supported>”]…[sncallout] anywhere you want a callout box.

In previous versions, all Sliding Note types would display at the bottom of any RSS page or printout, like footnotes. Now tabs and accordions display right where you inserted them in your page, and only inline notes migrate to the bottom. Your text won’t be interrupted by the details you add in context within a note, while keeping tabs and accordions within the flow of the page. The new shortcode [sntoggle] makes it happen for accordions and toggles. Tabs benefit automatically from the improved implementation of [snbody].

Simply apply bold or italic styles to the ‘title’ shortcode parameter the way you’d do with any other text:

[slidingnote title=”This button text is formatted, yeah”]

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