New Release 1.0b6

There is a new update of Smart Sliding Notes available with some important bug fixes and improvements.

One such important fix concerns automatic updates. Find update instructions below.

PRO edition users

You may have been seeing an update message saying “Automatic updates are not available for this plugin”. This was due to a bug that has been fixed with the current release.

Here is the workaround to re-enable updates with the older release:

  • Go to the plugins list
  • Find Smart Sliding Notes on the list
  • Click “Check for Updates” (see the right red arrow in the screenshot below)
plugin info row

Back-end Goodies

This should change the update message and allow you to update automatically.

Entry edition users

Entry edition users need to download the new release, uninstall the old one, and upload the new one to their site.

IMPORTANT update finalization step

To complete the fix:

  • Visit the Smart Sliding Notes settings page.
  • If your registration email is empty (or wrong), re-enter it.
  • Save your settings (even if you haven’t changed anything)

That’s it.

Sorry for the incovenience, and a Happy New year everyone!

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