Smart Sliding Notes - Entry Edition

"Bring your WordPress content to life
with one streamlined plugin!"

Add Fancy Inline Notes, Accordions, Tabs, and More to your pages

Smart Sliding Notes “Entry Edition” is a FREE WordPress plugin that let’s you add a wide variety of UI elements directly to your WordPress post and page content without coding. It is the smart and easy way to organize and layout your page content to make it appeal to humans and search engines alike.

What you will get with Smart Sliding Notes for FREE:

  • One Plugin To Rule Them All: Fancy Inline Notes, Toggles, Accordions, Tabs, and More…
  • Fully skinnable, based entirely on CSS: Adapt the look and feel to your liking; Use a skin “off the shelf”, or create your own skin to exactly match your branding.
  • Full URL support: Share links that will open individual notes, tabs, and accordion pages! Draw your readers to specific content within any of your posts!
  • Fit more content on a page without cluttering it! Create a better user experience — and better SEO results!


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